Months of patient work to get the electricity and roadwork completed have been rewarded at last. The first floor foundations were begun this past week. We have seven buildings in all and they’ll be constructed at the same time so it will all rise slowly, then dramatically, as the last floors and roofs go on in the next few months. 

We are racing the annual monsoon rains. Last year was one of the rainiest ever and we might face the same this year.

We are within $60,000 of having all construction paid for!  We want to thank everyone who has gotten behind us sacrificially on this important project. It takes a visionary person to see something on this scale when it’s just a concept and then work to help it become a tangible reality. We’ll always be grateful!

In the Fall we will have a campaign to raise the funds needed for the furnishings so if you want to be a partner, please start setting aside some savings now so we can all give together to finish the center with functional and beautiful furnishings and equipment.  If you’d like to give already you can just click the link below. Thanks!

Give to the Building Fund