There are over 300 million high school and college age youth in the Asia Pacific region, who consume 8 hours of media daily, primarily through their cell phones. In this wired generation, the most effective means to reach the youth is through the powerful device in their hand.

Recognizing this need, the Assemblies of God’s Asian Institute of Youth Studies (AIYS) invited Medialight to give training on how to use visual media as a tool for reaching people with the gospel. Medialight team, Indria, Blessy and Darwin, alumni and volunteer staff of Medialight got together in Baguio City, Northern Philippines to give the training. The Asian Institute of Youth Studies (AIYS) is Philippines-based institute designed to see Pentecostal youth workers raised up who can effectively maximize their efforts in reaching these youth for Jesus Christ.

Though the team only anticipated 60 participants, to their amazement 120 people showed up for the workshop, gathered from the Philippines, US, Fiji, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia, Japan, Cambodia, Nauru, South Korea and Myanmar. Translators were assigned, and everyone was able to listen to the training in their own languages through earphones.

The workshop, which had three sections, started with Ria sharing about MediaLight’s vision and the need for Media Missions. She showed several videos produced by Medialight that show how the young generation consumes online media in large volumes, and how we must speak their language if we want to reach them.

One of the highlights of Ria’s presentation was the screening of Hide and Seek video. “While the video played, you could feel the Holy Spirit moving in the place, stirring everyone’s hearts. Everybody was so quiet and attentive that we could hear them sniffing from crying; everyone was moved by its powerful message, ” said Blessy. She added, “Even the three of us felt our tears welling up. It still has the same effect as it did when we saw it for the first time. A very powerful message, everyone was moved.”

During the second session, Blessy made a presentation on Mobile Video Production. She spoke on how mobile phones can be powerful tools and on how to use mobile for producing gospel media content.

For the 3rd session of the lecture they divided the participants into three groups for a practical session on scriptwriting, shooting and editing basics. “We’re glad to share this passion of ours to our brothers and sisters in the ministry. We learned far more than we shared, and it should always be that way,” said Blessy.

At the end of the lecture, participants ran to our team thanking them for opening their eyes towards media missions. Emerge and its daughter ministry MediaLight exist as a resource for all churches and organizations involved in bringing the gospel to Asia.

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