Emerge Mission’s Edge Radio Network affiliate, the Edge Kidapawan, recently completed their much-anticipated transmitter and antenna upgrades. The improvements have greatly expanded the coverage of Christian music and programming in one of the most Muslim-populated region, Mindanao, Philippines. The station is now broadcasting at 101.5 FM from their new 5,000 Watt transmitter and newly-constructed 200 feet tower effectively reaching 2.5 million people in the Soccsksargen region. Soccsksargen is home to the 2nd highest concentration of Islamic believers in the Philippines and is the hotbed for numerous militant and extremist groups. Tensions in the region between these groups, the Philippines government, and Christians are often high. Frequently violence erupts as it did in January of this year when the Moro Islamic Liberation Front captured and executed 44 members of the Philippines National Police Special Action Force after a failed terrorist extraction in the region.

With this level of tension an ever-present reality, Edge Kidapawan station manager Eugene “Jing” Grace Badilles was asked if she ever felt like her family was at risk doing broadcast ministry in the region. Hesitantly she answered “ Yes” as she recalled a recent unexpected visit to the station by a pair of Muslim men. One week after completed their signal upgrades, two Muslim men showed up at the gate of the station early in the morning demanding entry. The men were insistent that they be allowed in to talk to someone and were demanding copies of songs played on the station. “Jing” and her staff, fearing for their safety and yet knowing God had called them to minister to Muslims in the region, cautiously allowed them in and began to engage them in conversation.

It didn’t take long to realize that their worst fears, in this case, were unfounded. In fact this is a story of victory. The spokesperson for the two men began to share his story of how Jesus had appeared to him in a vision and revealed Himself as God. A few days later, he discovered the Edge Kidapawan broadcast, now reaching into his area strong and clear, since the signal upgrades.  The music and teaching of the station had become his source of spiritual nourishment in his new-found faith. He had come to the station along with his brother, who was now also a believer in Jesus, to say “thank you” and request to have the songs that had been so helpful to him so that he might share them with his wife and family.

Please pray for the continued safety of Jing and her team in Kidapawan and that the harvest of souls would continue across the region. The ministry of Edge Kidapawan holds firmly to the belief that the road to peace in Mindanao begins with individuals finding peace with God through His Son.

Like the Edge Kidapawan, Emerge is now raising funds for our 4 other Edge affiliates spread across Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao in order to complete critical and necessary signal upgrades. To date, through the generosity of US based churches and individuals and our incredible friends and partners at UCB Australia, $16,000 have been raised toward these upgrades. Please join us in praying and believing the Lord for the remainder of these funds so the reach of the Gospel can continue to expand in the Philippines. If you’d like to join with your financial support please click the following link.