On February 2015, the upper house of Myanmar’s parliament passed a bill. The bill requires anyone wishing to convert from one religion to another to go before a registration board, supply detailed personal information and wait 90 days for government permission. Christians in Myanmar face persecution and are viewed as traitors to Buddhism and to their country. The Church of Myanmar, however, continues to grow beside severe persecution Christians face.

U Aung, former Buddhist, gave his life to the Lord during a gospel Christmas outreach of New Life Ministries. U Aung was fired from his work because of his conversion and continual attendance to Sunday church service. For U Aung, losing his job is more than losing his monthly income since he and his children used to live in an apartment offered by the organization where he used to work. Following his conversion he was fired from his job and was forced out of his home. However, this didn’t change U Aung decision to follow Jesus. He recently asked his Pastor; ‘if he could be baptized in water.’ U Aung was baptized during a summer camp of New Life Ministries.

“Stories like this keep us doing what we do here in Myanmar,” said Pastor Robin in amazement to what God is doing in hearts of people like U Aung besides the persecution they face everyday.

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