“What do you do when you get kicked out of your church building? Church in the park, of course,” was a Sunday Facebook update of our Emerge media missionary Jonny Moore.

New Life Ministries Pastor Robin Kung and its members didn’t stay home on the Sunday morning when they learned that their church building rent was being doubled. Instead they grabbed their Bibles, picked their guitars and speakers and went to the park to praise God.

According to Robin, this year has been marked as a year of moves. They had to move their children’s home then find a new worship place on Sundays. Pastor Robin even had to move out of his home and find another place.

Thanks to Emerge donors and supporters, New Life Ministries were able to find a place to rent for the church service. This is, however, temporary. “We know for sure that nothing is permanent and we turn our discouragements into a source of encouragement just by assuring ourselves of why we do what we do. We only do it because we want people of Myanmar find hope in Christ Jesus,” said Robin. He added that he believed and lived by the principle, “Where you live and how you live is not as important as why you live.

Emerge Missionary, Jonny Moore will be raising funds for the next 15 months for the Myanmar Ministry, which is currently facing financial challenges due to massive inflation. “I am praying that this will be our last move. I’m hoping that we can raise the money to buy something of our own next year,” says Jonny Moore.

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