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Updates from the field in Thailand, Myanmar and Manila, Philippines where Emerge supports children’s initiatives ranging from homes that shelter children taken out of adult prisons to a street kids outreach that reaches over 10,000 children in some of the roughest barrios in Metro Manila.

Sidewalk Scholars Work to Deliver Their Families from Generational Poverty

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Sidewalk Children Ministries is a place where life stories are rewritten by the Gospel, powerful mentoring relationships with young adult mentors and a systematic program of personal development leading to high school and college scholarships for hard-working students like these. Many of these students they are the first in their families to attend and finish high [...]

Reviving shattered dreams

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“They burned you with an iron?!” Jemuel can hear the panic, the rage, in his father’s voice as the man talks with his wife, on the phone. She is thousands of miles away, working in Saudi Arabia to send money back to her family, like so many other Filipino mothers and fathers. “You should come [...]


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  Today is world Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On this day charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give to the causes most dear to their hearts. Today, we want to remind you of the [...]

First Baan Zion girls to go to college

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In Thailand, mothers found guilty of drug trafficking or other serious offenses are sentenced to  long terms in prison. Because they have no other place for their child to go or no one in their family willing to take care of their child, they bring their babies into the prison with them. Thai prisons are [...]

Emerge Children’s Ministries

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Ben and Jessica Salmon have recently joined the Emerge Missions team as our new directors for Emerge Children’s Ministries.  They are tasked with coordinating and expanding the children’s work being supported in the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.   This work includes our support services for ministries such as: Joann Lovino’s Sidewalk Ministries, reaching thousands of [...]