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Judson Legacy Continues; Reaching Burma for Christ

By |2017-01-15T13:40:13+00:00January 21st, 2016|Emerge Myanmar, Latest News, Stories|

  Adoniram Judson held his wife to his chest as she sobbed. A young couple devoted to missions, they had not even stepped foot in the nation of Burma, and, already, they were facing the worst possible thing that any expecting parent could imagine. She had lost the baby. The trip from their home in [...]

Reaching Myanmar in midst of persecution

By |2017-01-15T13:40:13+00:00August 20th, 2015|Emerge Myanmar|

On February 2015, the upper house of Myanmar’s parliament passed a bill. The bill requires anyone wishing to convert from one religion to another to go before a registration board, supply detailed personal information and wait 90 days for government permission. Christians in Myanmar face persecution and are viewed as traitors to Buddhism and to [...]