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Medialight Institute in Northern Thailand is our premier training center, offering emerging leaders from around the world a sacred season of ten weeks in which to receive training in spirituality, leadership and professional video production. So far we’ve trained leaders from 40 nations. You could be next!

What our students say about us

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"After I had graduated, I found that a piece of my heart is still with MediaLight family. There are so many things I love about MediaLight. I found the answers for my life through it. One thing I like the most from MediaLight is the unconditional love of Jesus that I found in MediaLight family. [...]

What our students say about us

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"At MediaLight I learned how to share the Gospel in the media language. Friendship at MediaLight is so good and all are equally treated. After MediaLight I was able to apply what I learned through teaching the skills I learned to the youth at my church." Arun Fgci (India)  

What our students say about us

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"I like how MediaLight staff's are just super awesome, so helpful, with welcoming heart to each of the students. MediaLight helped me to have the confident to start something new. Through MediaLight I can see how powerful media is and useful at this generation to reach people with a gospel videos. I was able to [...]

Featured Emerge Missionary, Jonny M

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Walking in a small village in Myanmar, Jonny was not sure what to expect. He had seen Nat (spirit) houses beside almost every hut. He had passed through huts with animist signs. He knew the people he would be speaking to were Buddhists. When Jonny arrived at the hut, he saw 40 people gathered in [...]

Should you leave your steady job to pursue your dreams?

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Fina Lin was lost in thought as she stood by the window of her office. Cars rushed as drivers hustled to and from work and errands. Though her body was still, her mind rushed with thoughts like the busy street she was looking down onto. “I need to do more with my life than chase [...]

Medialight Graduates New Breed of Media Missionaries

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On November 29, 2015, Medialight 7.0 graduated twelve more trained media missionaries! Equipped with media skills that will enable them to go and share the gospel to their nations with creativity and bigger impact, these students returned to their nations in Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Jamaica and USA. Medialight trains in professional video production, leadership, spirituality [...]


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  Today is world Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On this day charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give to the causes most dear to their hearts. Today, we want to remind you of the [...]

Hide and Seek Goes to China!

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The production of our most powerful short film, Hide and Seek, started with a simple conversation Chuck Quinley had with a pastor of the Akha people, a hill tribe living on northern mountains of Thailand. Chuck was curious about how the pastor could communicate the gospel with people who have never heard the name of [...]

How a refugee living in the jungles of Malaysia became a media missionary with your help

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  Jamez moved his hand under the clothes he had wadded up as a pillow to check for his knife. The jungle was never silent. There was always the constant noise of crickets, cicadas, frogs, and the occasional tramping of unknown animals. One of those animals was coming towards him. He dragged his knife out [...]

Matthew Was a Secret Christian. Now, He Speaks to His Nation.

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Matthew closely followed his mother as she took off her shoes by the temple’s gate. His little bare feet felt the cold ceramic of the floor as they walked towards the Buddha murals. He knelt beside his mom and mimicked her action as she went through the motions of her prayers. Matthew was born in [...]