Stories are feature-length articles also carried on the Emerge feed at Medium that help you dive deeper into the life of people in the developing nations of SE Asia where Emerge works to reach children and young people and to develop their gifts and abilities so they can have an awesome life as agents of change among their people.

What our students say about us

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"After I had graduated, I found that a piece of my heart is still with MediaLight family. There are so many things I love about MediaLight. I found the answers for my life through it. One thing I like the most from MediaLight is the unconditional love of Jesus that I found in MediaLight family. [...]

What our students say about us

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"At MediaLight I learned how to share the Gospel in the media language. Friendship at MediaLight is so good and all are equally treated. After MediaLight I was able to apply what I learned through teaching the skills I learned to the youth at my church." Arun Fgci (India)  

What our students say about us

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"I like how MediaLight staff's are just super awesome, so helpful, with welcoming heart to each of the students. MediaLight helped me to have the confident to start something new. Through MediaLight I can see how powerful media is and useful at this generation to reach people with a gospel videos. I was able to [...]

How much does it cost to get baptised? Gospel outreaches in Myanmar

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As it is customary to New Life Myanmar’s ministry, Christmas is a season for evangelism, more than gift-giving.  The ministry uses the opportunity of the Christmas holidays to bring the Gospel to unreached villages.  First, they ask permission from local government to organize a Gospel event. They feed the villagers and tell people what Christmas [...]

How ML alumni reached 1000

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  Genaye Eshetu, MediaLight alumni, along with her team organized a gospel photography and short film exhibition on July 20-25, 2016, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Redeemedia, a media ministry founded by Genaye after her training in MediaLight, organized the exhibition. The format is inspired by exhibitions that run at the end of MediaLight, in a [...]

Judson Legacy Continues; Reaching Burma for Christ

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  Adoniram Judson held his wife to his chest as she sobbed. A young couple devoted to missions, they had not even stepped foot in the nation of Burma, and, already, they were facing the worst possible thing that any expecting parent could imagine. She had lost the baby. The trip from their home in [...]

Your Word is a Light unto my Path

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Twenty-seven-year-old Ronalyn has never witnessed the beautiful sunrise over Tañon Strait from her seaside village in Guihulngan. Like thousands of blind or otherwise disabled and disadvantaged Filipinos, Ronalyn's life has been anything but easy. Growing up in an impoverished situation where everyone was expected and needed to contribute to their family's economy, she often struggled [...]

Should you leave your steady job to pursue your dreams?

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Fina Lin was lost in thought as she stood by the window of her office. Cars rushed as drivers hustled to and from work and errands. Though her body was still, her mind rushed with thoughts like the busy street she was looking down onto. “I need to do more with my life than chase [...]