Stories are feature-length articles also carried on the Emerge feed at Medium that help you dive deeper into the life of people in the developing nations of SE Asia where Emerge works to reach children and young people and to develop their gifts and abilities so they can have an awesome life as agents of change among their people.

How a refugee living in the jungles of Malaysia became a media missionary with your help

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  Jamez moved his hand under the clothes he had wadded up as a pillow to check for his knife. The jungle was never silent. There was always the constant noise of crickets, cicadas, frogs, and the occasional tramping of unknown animals. One of those animals was coming towards him. He dragged his knife out [...]

Matthew Was a Secret Christian. Now, He Speaks to His Nation.

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Matthew closely followed his mother as she took off her shoes by the temple’s gate. His little bare feet felt the cold ceramic of the floor as they walked towards the Buddha murals. He knelt beside his mom and mimicked her action as she went through the motions of her prayers. Matthew was born in [...]

How Porn Attacks Artistic Children

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The swing squeaked slightly as the little girl rocked back and forth. She held a book in her right hand, an erotic romance novel she had found lying about the house. Her other hand tightly held onto the chains of the swing. Little did she know the kind of chain that was winding its [...]

From 10,000 Skulls to 10,000 Missionaries

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"I can't see!" Mayo screamed, fumbling through her house to her parents room in their house in Nagaland, India. Her father roused himself from a drunken sleep and ran to her. When his arms wrapped around the body of his six year old daughter, she fell, unconscious, into them. They took her to a doctor, [...]

Featured Missionaries, Andrew and Jacki Quinley 

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Our featured missionaries for this week are Andrew and Jacky Quinley. Enjoy their interview with Emerge. Emerge: What are you involved in as Emerge missionaries? Andrew: My wife, Jacki, and I are focused on campus ministry and local Thai outreach. We are heavily engaged in relational ministry at a local campus, where I am serving as [...]

Nepal Quake: A call from our graduate student in Nepal

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Abhisek Gungor, one of our Medialight graduate students is a victim of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. We were able to talk to him about the situation in Nepal and what his church is doing. Abhisek was at a Saturday church service when the earthquake hit his village. The lives of many people were spared [...]

One Last Chance to Reconcile With His Father

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"All I ever wanted was to have a happy family! I hated my father. I hated him so much ..." Zaw Tun Shain, from Myanmar, breaks from telling his story with tears streaming down his face, his fingers rubbing hard over the handcrafted "story necklace" he has made to tell the tale of his life. [...]