ML India, Equipping Media Missionaries in India

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Bangalore, located in the state of Karnataka is considered the Silicon Valley of India where everyone is plugged in through their mobile devices. Karnataka is currently part of the top 40 unreached and underserved regions of the world. With persecution faced by Christians in this nation, the use of media in reaching the lost is [...]

Raising Media Missionaries in Ethiopia

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Through exploring the stories of the ancient land of Ethiopia, discussing on how Christianity meets myth, learning about the current need of missions in Ethiopia, and God’s heart for missions blended with practical media sessions; ML Ethiopia conducted its first four-day workshop in Debrezeit, Ethiopia. On the training conducted on May 11-15, 2017, 12 media [...]

What our students say about us

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"At MediaLight I learned how to share the Gospel in the media language. Friendship at MediaLight is so good and all are equally treated. After MediaLight I was able to apply what I learned through teaching the skills I learned to the youth at my church." Arun Fgci (India)  

What our students say about us

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"I like how MediaLight staff's are just super awesome, so helpful, with welcoming heart to each of the students. MediaLight helped me to have the confident to start something new. Through MediaLight I can see how powerful media is and useful at this generation to reach people with a gospel videos. I was able to [...]

MediaLight Graduates New Batch of Media Missionaries

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MediaLight 8.0 graduated another 14 trained media missionaries! Equipped with media skills that will enable them to go and share the gospel to their nations, these students returned to their ministries in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, Ethiopia, Germany, Canada and the USA. The MediaLight program trains in media, leadership and spirituality. MediaLight has so far [...]

Media training in India

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MediaLight alumni, Franklin Nissi conducted media training to youth in India, Banglore on May, 9-17, 2016. The training was given in two batches, for youth from different non-profit organizations and local churches. The students, in the first batch of the training, came from various non- profit organizations. Our alumni Franklin gave the weeklong training for18 [...]