Hide and Seek Goes to China!

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The production of our most powerful short film, Hide and Seek, started with a simple conversation Chuck Quinley had with a pastor of the Akha people, a hill tribe living on northern mountains of Thailand. Chuck was curious about how the pastor could communicate the gospel with people who have never heard the name of [...]

Why We Need Medialight

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Emerge Director, Dr. Chuck Quinley, explains the thinking behind the establishment of the Medialight Institute in Northern Thailand. In this innovative training program, students from as far as Ethiopia and Uzbekistan as well as from the entire region of SE Asia develop their spiritual core, their leadership ability and gain powerful skills in using the [...]

What Happens When Repressed People Taste Freedom

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Bangkok, Thailand. Yesterday, Sherry, Ben, Jessica and I returned to Thailand from Myanmar where we witnessed, first hand, the open door to the Gospel and to missionary activity that is present. They have gained some measure of personal freedom from the military rulers that have been so repressive for the past 50 years and are [...]