Rescue addresses the needs of children who are in danger of being harmed physically, exploited sexually or enslaved as unpaid labor.

In some SE Asian nations when mothers are given long jail sentences they take their children into prison with them if no one will take charge of them. These kids share their mother’s $1.40 per day food ration and sleep on the floor with up to 100 other women in a cell.  The Baan Zion Children’s Prison Ministry rescues girls from Adult prisons in Thailand. Over 100 girls have been given a second life through the loving care of Jan and Ellen Smit and the BZ team.

Emerge assists BZ with significant funding and helps to tell the Baan Zion story through media.


Watch a video about the home.

Emerge also supports other children’s homes in the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.

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Outreach addresses the eternal needs of a child.
Children in their formative years are extremely receptive spiritually. In fact, 80% of all decisions for Christ occur between ages 4-14.

When a child is reached and carefully nurtured to follow Christ they make better choices in life and avoid costly mistakes that can derail their chances for success in life.

Emerge supports ministry partners like Joann Luciano’s, Sidewalk Ministries, that takes the gospel to the streets in some of the toughest barrios in Manila. Each week 9,000+ children are personally engaged through volunteers who lead outreaches in nearly 100 centers throughout South Manila.  These children grow up surrounded by defeat and squalor, locked into generational poverty until the day when young people wearing blue t-shirts walk into their lives with the gospel and an entirely new vision for their lives. 

Watch the video to feel the passion that drives Joann.


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The promise of a scholarship can
ignite hope in a child.

In developing Asian nations like the Philippines you can change a child’s life through
providing them an education costing less than $500 per year.

At Emerge we want to send 1,000 kids to college.
Watch this video to learn more.

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(Scholarships cost $500 per year)


Over 10,000 children are engaged each week by ministries supported by Emerge donors. Join us and help rewrite the stories of Asian children!

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