Emerge Missions is ready to launch the world’s first online “pocket school” to train media missionaries. MediaLight online is a video-based online training program designed specifically to be experienced on a mobile device.

As an online school, it aims to reach those who are not able to come to our MediaLight Institute in Northern Thailand for various reasons. In addition to the teachings on how to create high-quality video for outreach and discipleship, the online school also includes teachings that build up students spiritually and in their skills as leaders.

Isabella Silva is our newly-appointed coordinator for the Medialight online school.  She is getting accustomed to our learning management system, going through the courses, and looking for ways to create an effective media missionary online school.  Isabella is a graduate of MediaLight 6.0 and an exciting new addition to the growing team of Emerge missionaries.

Click here to learn more: http://www.medialightonline.com/