In Thailand, mothers found guilty of drug trafficking or other serious offenses are sentenced to  long terms in prison. Because they have no other place for their child to go or no one in their family willing to take care of their child, they bring their babies into the prison with them. Thai prisons are often extremely overcrowded, stuffing around 70 women + children into a small cell which adds upon the already unsanitary and unhygienic environment. These children are surrounded by women of violence and end up exhibiting extremely aggressive behavior. They are also malnourished, sharing their mother’s daily food budget of $1.40 per prisoner. This leads to developmental problems. Prison children receive no formal education. The prison environment is not a place for a child in their formative years to grow up.

Baan Zion Children Prison Ministries rescues these children from prisons and provides them with home, food, education, counseling and spiritual nurture. The ministry has so far rescued more than hundred children from prisons in Thailand and is now sending its first two girls to college. These girls are also one of the very few girls who ever got the opportunity to go to a higher education from Hmong tribe, where most of these girls are from.

Baan Zion Children Prison Ministries has also recently moved to a new home with lots of space for the girls to play, study and worship.

Emerge missionaries Jessica and Ben Salmon, coordinators for Emerge Children’s Ministries, help Baan Zion ministries in handling Baan Zion communications and marketing which includes creating new website for the ministry, writing the children’s stories, sending it to the donors and creating an advocacy kit for people who want to campaign for the rescue of children growing up in adult prisons.

Sending the Baan Zion girls to college will add $2,000 per girl onto the Baan Zion budget each year, and it also provides an opportunity for our partners to sponsor the girls and keep them in school. $2,000 per year will cover the cost of tuition, books, uniform, transportation costs, food, and project expenses for the entire school year.

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