When ISIS kills someone from Europe it fills the news, but the nation that’s been tormented relentlessly over the last twenty years is Ethiopia, the only Christian nation in the region. When Islam first arose in 610 AD, Ethiopia had been holding high the light of Christ for over 500 years already. (See Acts 8 for how the gospel got there.)

Last year Islamists took over 30 Ethiopian Christians from Libya to a beach for a choreographed beheading.  I can’t imagine the impact of images like this on children growing up in Ethiopia.  I guess that’s part of their plan.isis-executing-christians It never goes away for them. In the area near Sudan they’ve suffered so much torture. OK, that’s the horrible part, the devil doing what he does through his willing human hands. Now for the Kingdom response which, I think, is beautiful.

Genaye Eshetu is our newest student-turned-staff member and she’s from Ethiopia. She and her friends in Addis caught a vision for making an album of worship songs for children that would focus on the Bigness of God and His love for them so they could grow up singing these songs into the chaos.

She collaborated with Gutch and Rory Gutierrez, also MediaLight staff and owners of Lakewalk Media in Manila, and they began the animation of the first of the songs, “God you are great!”  Emerge donors supported this project.

We want to share this amazing video with you. To get the real impact, can you take a 3 minute break and settle your heart before you click the image below? Imagine that you are one of the kids in the photo at the top of this email. Your parents are doing all they can to feed you and you can feel their weariness much of the time. Then someone gives you a copy of this video and your family sits in front of a small TV together and receives this message. I love the innocence of the child who sings it and the way the story takes dangerous things and shows that God is in control. We are so proud of Genaye, her partners in Ethiopia, and of Gutch and Rory and their Manila team. I think this is a perfect way to illustrate the power of media for the gospel. That’s what Medialight is all about.

Thanks for supporting us in all our efforts!
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*Featured image Photo Credit: Ethiopian kids–  Rod Waddington on Flickr.