The production of our most powerful short film, Hide and Seek, started with a simple conversation Chuck Quinley had with a pastor of the Akha people, a hill tribe living on northern mountains of Thailand. Chuck was curious about how the pastor could communicate the gospel with people who have never heard the name of God, let alone the truth of the gospel. The pastor answered that; he often used the allegory of the hide and seek children’s game, which many people can easily relate to.

As Chuck was listening to the pastor, ideas were flooding in his mind on how this story could be made into a short film, that could reach many people beyond the Akha village. He later shared this idea with his staff, together they produced the film.

Hide and Seek film was originally made in English language and has been so far translated into Thai, Akha, Indonesian, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese, Russian, Italian, French, Arabic (South Sudan), Amharic (Ethiopia), Bissa Barka (Burkina Faso) languages and is subtitled in German.

Medialight has been using the film in various film screenings it did in Akha village, and gospel multimedia exhibitions organized every year during MediaLight school.

Many mission organizations have also adopted the film into their ministry. It has proven to be a powerful evangelistic tool and is being used in Asia, Africa and Europe. One of the organizations that adopted Hide and Seek is CVglobal, a Christian ministry working to reach and touch one billion people around the globe. CVglobal has developed yesHEis, a phone app and website with the collection of films that can be used to share Jesus online. Hide and Seek along with other MediaLight products is now valuable part of that site.

According to Wendy Phodiansa (Phodi), South East Asia Manager of CVglobal, since its upload on yesHeis website, the Indonesian version of Hide and Seek alone had 2049 views. 77 people have also clicked after watching the Indonesian version to learn more about the gospel and have shared it 28 times on their social networks. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation. The net result is that18 people have made the decision to accept Christ online.

Inspired by the impact Hide and Seek has, CVglobal is currently translating five other gospel videos produced by Medalight into Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, and Chinese & Indian languages. “Hide & Seek is a creative illustration that shows how we as human seek our Creator. It is a concise clip with a strong message that will help someone to reflect about their search of God. Hide & Seek is relevant to people in South East Asia region and appealing to the public for its simplicity, ” said Phodi.

CV Africa, which is based in South Africa, is also currently reshooting the Hide and Seek video with African actors to make it more relatable with its audience.

Media Light graduates have also been using Hide and Seek in their nations to communicate the gospel message. Gio Vanni Zapphala (Italy) and Genaye Eshetu (Ethiopia) are some of our MediaLight graduates who adopted and used Hide and Seek video in their nation. Gio Vanni Zapphala posted the Italian version of Hide and Seek for his birthday on his face Book page and was able to attract 5000 viewers. Genaye is one of our MediaLight’s graduates who is bringing the evangelistic exhibition model of Medialight to her nation, Ethiopia. During the exhibitions she organized with her team Genaye used the Hide and Seek video along with other short films. During the exhibition, 600 people viewed the Hide and Seek film. The exhibitions served as a tool for the art community in Ethiopia to hear the gospel.

Medialight is open to offer any assistance to people who want to adopt this film and redub it into their local language. If you are interested, please contact us at to watch the Hide and Seek video now click here.

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