How Donations are Used at Emerge

Donors have a right to ask how non-profits spend the monies that are donated. We feel that charities have a responsibility to keep overhead costs to a minimum so that most of the funds make their way to the point of need. The two largest costs for a charity are typically administration and fundraising.

Emerge is a lean charity. For the past 25 years we have relied on the willingness of volunteers to handle all of our administrative work. Our fundraising model, has likewise been frugal, relying on relationship-building instead of using marketing companies and purchased mailing lists. This has allowed us to keep the fundraising budget minimal. The president of Emerge and all US-based missionaries are responsible to raise their own personal support as well.

No funds for administration or other costs are ever withheld from specified-use donations.  What you direct for a cause goes directly to that cause.

Overall Emerge spends 94% of all general donations directly on charitable causes.


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As a direct result of donors giving to Emerge and its associated missionaries in the past twelve months:

  • Forty children were raised in the safety of the Baan Zion Children’s Rescue Home. They were well-fed, got a good education, had worship and instruction in God’s word every day and received kisses and hugs all year.
  • Twenty seven nations now have a trained media missionary to help bring the Gospel to their nations in a language the young can understand.
  • Ten thousand children each week were loved and discipled to bring change to their squatter’s area communities in some of the toughest barrios in Metro Manila.
  • Twenty inner city kids in Manila received a college scholarship
  • Unreached Burmese villages heard the Gospel for the first time.
  • Students at Mae Fah Luang University heard the Gospel and responded through Medialight’s Art Exhibition and Andrew Quinley’s full-time teaching as a faculty member.
  • 80 Million Filipinos had access to Christian music, counseling and daily devotional readings through the PositivelyPinoy mobile phone app developed by Mike Medlin and his team at the Edge Manila.
  • Twelve nations received a media missionary trained to produce high quality media through Medialight

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