Ron and Joyce Titular have been MediaLight partners and friends since the beginning of our school. They join us every year to teach on radio, voicing, audio editing and blogging.  Ron is a professional commercial voice talent and has over 30 years of experience in media and broadcast. His wife, Joyce is former Miss Young Philippines and Binibining Pilipinas Universe. She is a commercial voice talent, live host and has over 20 years of experience as broadcast media announcer, newscaster and news anchor. Here is their interview with Emerge on their experience as Christian media professionals and their ministry at MediaLight.

  1.   How did you get into broadcasting?

I got into broadcasting by accident through my husband Ron (who was my boyfriend at the time). He was getting ready to launch a brand new radio station but lacked one more DJ and I offered to be that person until he found the DJ he wanted.  I fell in love with the job (and him) and ended up leaving my hotel PR job to be in radio, and we got married :-).

  1.   Tell us briefly about your experience in setting up UCB and the Edge radio in the Philippines?

Oh, that was very exciting! When Ron and Pastor Chuck met the first time.  It was just the two of them. Right after the meeting, Ron told me – we need to pray about this.  And I said – what are you talking about?  We have been praying for this!  This is already an answered prayer! But of course, we still continued to pray about it because there’s no harm in consulting God every step of the way.   Ron had the internet stream up and running within a month’s time. It was such a thrill!

  1.   Are Filipino Christians welcomed in the media industry generally?

Yes. Definitely.  People here are very open to prayer and talking about God because the nation is mostly Catholic. Going to Sunday mass is still important.  Christian TV programs are thriving like the 700 Club and the cartoon, Superbook. Many of our famous actors and actresses are professed Christians too.

  1.   What are the danger points and the opportunities as Christians in media world?

One big danger point is pride. You get many privileges when you are in media. There is also a sense of power because people believe what media folks say and look up to them. So if you are not grounded in God’s word, you can start drifting into your own path and plans.

Opportunities – there are so many opportunities for Christians in media in the Philippines simply because there is very little discrimination against hiring Christians here. Right now, I’d say social media is one of the easiest places for a Christian to start sharing about Jesus.

  1.   How did you start partnering with ML?

Well, after Pastor Chuck moved to Thailand and set up MediaLight, he invited Ron and me to teach the students who signed up for MediaLight 1.0, the very first batch. That was such a beautiful time for us and it did not feel like work at all. I didn’t feel like I was teaching. I felt like I was having so much fun sharing all the things I knew about voicing etc. I experienced God everywhere I went and in everything I did. So we made it our annual goal to be a part of MediaLight. I still have not lost that excitement and consider our yearly trip (we’ve made seven so far) to MediaLight as one of the highlights of each year!


  1.   What is your highest hope for the students you teach at ML?

Meeting the students who come from all over the world and getting to know them and loving God together with them, I would say is the most fulfilling part. Many of them arrive shy with little confidence to speak up before an audience or a camera, but by the end of our week, they warm up and even start volunteering to speak in front of class. We do our best to create an atmosphere of fun and learning – that it’s perfectly ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. We believe that in this kind of setting, the students really thrive and grow as communicators. My highest hope for them after MediaLight is to use whatever new skills they gained to continue serving the Lord.



  1.   Why do you sacrifice time and money to come here as a volunteer every year to teach students from all over Asia at Medialight

This might sound selfish but the reason why I do this is because every time I go to MediaLight, I hear from God. My favorite time is when we worship together before the start of class. I see the beauty of God all around me, in the students, in the staff and leaders of MediaLight. I see Him too in the beauty of Northern Thailand. It is hard to resist such beauty and so we go every year.

  1.   Why do you think voicing is important for media missionaries?

I think that speaking well is a basic skill we all should have. How often do we get asked to speak in front of people? To share a message? To share God’s message? Giving our testimony alone requires voice. While a written testimony is beautiful, there is nothing like seeing the face and hearing the voice of a person who has been touched by God.