Asian youth average 10 hours media exposure each day.
This is the gateway into their hearts and minds.

Media is the new world language

Today’s is the first wired generation, growing up with electronic devices in their hands. Their minds and their cultural worldview have been programmed in them by the value-shaping messages they have received through the eight to ten hours of media they digest every day of their lives.

The church has been slow to engage in new forms of media. From the dawn of radio, TV, film and now, social media, much of the church’s reaction seems to be based in fear of the damage these new voices can cause to the lives of those who tune in, not excitement over the possibilities for connection we could find in each type of media. Media is the new global language and the body of Christ has far too few who competently speak it, so our life-changing message has little chance to enter the hearts and minds of young people in their formative years.

The result is that today’s global youth culture has a profound disconnect with the tradition forms of Christianity found in most nations. We are losing our connection with an entire generation.  We have to take immediate action. That’s why Medialight is here.  We’re here to train up a new generation of modern gospel communicators–media missionaries!


A New Kind of Leader is Needed

Today’s Christian communicator needs to have a firm grasp on the scriptures, and a growing walk of obedience with Jesus, but they also need to have big, open, creative minds and know how to speak media, the language of this generation. This is even more crucial in those nations with little or no awareness of who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

Get Training

Want to add the power of media to your outreach work?medialight square logo  Today, there are few places in the world that train in the missional use of media. That’s where Emerge comes in.

We operate two training programs: Medialight Institute, an intensive, ten-week residential program in Northern Thailand for those who want to become media missionaries with the skills to produce professional-grade video. We also operate an affordable online training program called Medialight Online, a pocket school you can access on a mobile phone anywhere in the world.

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About Medialight Institute

Training:  Medialight Institute is a pioneer in the training of media missionaries. Our intensive ten week program in Chiang Rai, Thailand, teaches Asian leaders how to plan, shoot, edit and release high quality media messages so the Truth can penetrate their culture.  We want to help emerging Christian leaders increase their impact on their generation through personal growth and by mastering the use of modern media tools.

Medialight has become a trusted training partner for ministries such as Wycliff, People for Care and Learning, and a host of church networks.

Production: In addition to training, we produce media of our own. Our gospel videos are currently in use by leading media outreaches such as

Why Media?

Media is the new world language. Youth around the world average 8 hours per day interacting with digital media, primarily through cell phones. Although the world has mastered the language of media, the church does not speak this language very well in general. This is leading to a profound disconnect with the current generation, as much as if we were still doing all our gospel communication in New Testament Greek. In the christianized West this is a problem. In the 10/40 Window nations it is a disaster.  Christians number less than 1% of the general population in many Asian nations.  Giving them the ability to speak media to their young populations is an essential part of equipping the Asian church for the fulfillment of the great commission.

What We Do

Medialight’s program is intensive. Students from around the world come to our base in Thailand to live, eat, worship and learn together from both seasoned professionals in media production and pastors and teachers of God’s Word. The program is holistic, emphasizing community, emotional and spiritual wholeness, the core teachings of Christ, leadership studies and hands-on training in professional-grade video production. Learning video has the added benefit of also including photography, writing and audio/radio production.  Students work in teams and produce four projects in eight weeks. These projects are created for an evangelistic multimedia exhibition on the campus of a major university in Thailand so they can experience how media can be used to start conversations with those who have no awareness of the person and work of Christ.  To see a video about this, visit:

Feedback from Our Graduates

We have graduated students from 27 nations. Many of our graduates have been able to immediately make use of the training they received.

Josiah was hired to work in Bollywood on the plane home from school. He is seeks to be a light to people in that industry and has worked as an editor on television shows as well.
Josiah Lawrence, India
Robin leads a ministry that has produced contextualized worship music and songs for evangelistic outreach in Myanmar. By sending other members of his church for training, Robin has been able to build a highly qualified team that has also created music videos for their indigenous music. DVD’s of these videos have caused their songs to spread to other churches in the nation who can now worship with songs unique to their culture.
Robin Kung, Myanmar
Genaye took the idea of an evangelistic art exhibition from her Medialight training back to Ethiopia and also established her own organization, Redeemedia, to expand the Christian use of quality media in her homeland.
Genaye Eshetu , Ethiopia
Upon arriving home with her training, Haidi produced a multi-episode documentary about two Swedish teens on a spiritual journey that lead them to hike through Israel. This series was aired on television in Sweden.
Haidi Westerfield , Sweden
Upon graduation, Abisek was accepted as director trainee on a full length evangelistic film being made for Nepali people. This was a project of Sword Productions. View an update on this project here.
Abhishek Dahal, Nepal
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