Bangalore, located in the state of Karnataka is considered the Silicon Valley of India where everyone is plugged in through their mobile devices. Karnataka is currently part of the top 40 unreached and underserved regions of the world. With persecution faced by Christians in this nation, the use of media in reaching the lost is a huge opportunity for the church.

MediaLight India in partnership with Full Gospel Church conducted a 4-day media missions workshop on the 24th of May to the 27th. The workshop had 22 students who are media volunteers for their churches in Bangalore and Chennai. One goal of the workshop was to equip the students with audio technology and live sound design skills for the Sunday services and various church events.

ML India

Brother Noel during the hand-on afternoon session for Audio Technology

Brother Noel Geoffrey Rajpillay was the head teacher for the audio classes. He has been serving Full Gospel Church fulltime in the last 10 years and before that he lived in Mumbai working in the audio industry.

ML Asia alumni Franklin Nissy, led the workshop with Pastor Enoch Paul, Full Gospel Church’s youth pastor. Franklin’s aim was to use the training as a starting point to equip the students with media skills not only for the church’s Sunday services but to also open their eyes to the possibilities of using media for the Kingdom of God specifically in missions.


ML India-2

Franklin Nissy, ML4 graduate turned staff taught photography at the training. He currently is the national delegate of ML India.

Ria Bagatsing, ML Asia’s Global Community Director flew in to share the importance of media in missions as well as the various uses of it in ministry. Two other ML Asia staff, Jonny Moore, ML Asia’s Head Trainer and Genaye Eshetu ML Ethiopia’s National Delegate joined in to share their experiences as media missionaries and assisted in the photography sessions. As we learned in Bangalore, it is safer for churches to invite people to their Christian events through posting ads on social media. Learning the basics of photography aimed to help the students not only to inviting people to their church events through sharing of various images but also to use the power of photography to share biblical truths through posters and other printed material for their neighboring communities.

ML India-4

Jonny Moore and Ria Bagatsing, ML1 and Genaye Eshetu,  ML4 graduates have been ML staff every since (center of photo). Here they are about to do a photowalk with some of the students. 

The most helpful part for us at MediaLight Asia was grouping the students for an afternoon session to hear about the current state of their communities and coming up with culturally relevant ways in reaching non-Christians with media. With so much opportunity to reach the lost we look forward to a closer partnership with MediaLight India and how we can come together as a Christian community and assist them in their aim to share the love of Christ to their people.