Our Team Members

Dr. Chuck & Sherry Quinley
Dr. Chuck & Sherry QuinleyDirectors


Emerge and Medialight are led by Dr. Chuck and Sherry Quinley, career missionaries with 25 years experience in church planting, leadership development and graduate-school administration.  Sherry Quinley has 30 years experience in administration and works her magic to make sure the Thailand experience for short term teams and Medialight students is amazing. Chuck Quinley has an earned doctorate from Asbury Seminary and also graduated from Media Village, South Africa. He oversees the academic and spiritual formation elements of Medialight training and is its lead teacher.


Many of our team members move in nations where missionary activity is restricted. For that reason we have omitted the last names for most of our team members.

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Jonny is a graduate of Medialight and has extensive missions experience to combine with his media skill and gift as teacher at Medialight. Between school sessions Jonny coordinates missions work on behalf of Emerge Missions and People for Care and Learning.
Drew & Eunhae
Drew & Eunhae (USA and Korea)
Graduates of the UCLA Extension Media Studies Program. Both have extensive production experience, a high level of creativity and a command of Thai language. They raise the quality level at Medialight through their advanced training and experience.
Ria Bagatsing
Ria Bagatsing (Philippines)
Ria is a professional graphics designer and is a former graduate of Medialight. She has served for the past four years as our overall academic coordinator and registrar.
Gutch and Rory Gutierrez
Gutch and Rory Gutierrez(Philippines)
Rory and Gutch bring their career background in graphic design, animation and web design. Gutch serves also as a worship leader and voice talent in the Philippines and brings those skills to Medialight. Rory provides leadership on all graphics work done for Emerge and Medialight, including this site.
Reina brings twenty years experience in hospitality and serves as our director in that area taking care of the housing, transportation and food needs of our visitors and students.
Josephine Carreon
Josephine Carreon (Philippines)
Josie is a seasoned professional video producer and a graduate of the University of the Philippines film school and Medialight. Josie is our lead video producer.
Genaye Eshetu
Genaye Eshetu(Ethiopia)
With a Masters in Communication and training at Medialight and years of experience in nonprofit public relations in Ethiopia, Genaye is well suited for her role as Director of Marketing.
Bella is a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University and Medialight. She now leads in the development of our online education project. She works to bring the Medialight magic to those who cannot come to our physical school in Thailand.
Joanne Alambro
Joanne Alambro (Philippines)
Joanne is a seasoned missionary in Thailand. She ministers in children’s homes, local churches, campus outreaches and is the overall coordinator of the worship ministry at Medialight.
Ben & Jessica
Ben & Jessica (Jamaica and USA)
Ben and Jessica serve as as coordinators of Emerge Children’s Ministries (ECM) raising awareness, finances and volunteers for outreaches in the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.
Cavina Found
Cavina Found (Thailand)
Cavina is serving an internship with us after her graduation from the University of Oklahoma with a degree centered on non-profit management and fundraising. Cavina is also a worship leader and songwriter.
Yuri Wanapa
Yuri Wanapa(Thailand)
Yuri’s dad was a martyr, dying at the hands of his own tribe for preaching the gospel. Yuri grew up in a children’s home and is the most amazing Thai cook ever! Food for 50 people? No problem for Yuri. How spicy do you want it?
Mike & Kim Medlin
Mike & Kim Medlin(Philippines)
Emerge Missionaries Mike & Kim Medlin lead the efforts of UCB Media Philippines. Mike & Kim (and their 7 children) joined Emerge in 2012.