Let Let Win, was the first person to be a Christian from Pae Kyaa Village, Myanmar. Following her conversion, all the villagers, including her own family, turned against her. She was isolated, insulted and called names.

During this time, New Life in Myanmar was a place of comfort and encouragement for her. She was discipled and helped to grow spiritually.

Let Let Win testifies that God has blessed her in her day-to-day life and her life has been a testimony of God’s faithfullness among the villagers who insulted her formerly.

Here is her testimony in her own words.

“My family did not harvest enough rice last year due to lack of rain. We had to buy rice outside the village. But during that difficult season, I learned a new practice through my church. We call it, ‘let ta sot san.’ It means before we cook rice every time, we tithe a handful of rice and bring it to church which helps the pastors, and widows. I did this faithfully and my rice bank does not run low. This year my family didn’t even have to buy rice from outside our village, we were able to harvest abundantly.

Recently I also sold a pair of cows for $2200.  The most that people could sell cows for in our village is only $800. It was a miracle and the whole village was amazed at it. Praise the lord that God is doing so many amazing things so he could bring other lost children to Himself!”

ThroughLet Let Win life testimony God graciously saved her family and now there are more than 15 believers in her village, from which 2 are full time ministers.

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