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Your gift can re-write the story
of a child’s life.

Your intervention brings the gospel and the promise of an education that will change their personal direction forever.
What an amazing opportunity to make your life count for Christ!

Queenie’s Story

This is where Queenie was raised.  Her life story was set to follow the typical path of children raised in the slums of a major city. Most kids there suffer developmental difficulties due to insufficient diet during their formative years. They are encouraged by their parents to drop out around the middle of high school to join the exploited labor force. Many become swept up in criminality, the sex trade or become addicted to alcohol or other substances.

This is Queenie today.

She’s just graduated, not from high school, but from university, the first member of her family to reach so high educationally.  Her entire family found Christ and she’s now set to help her brother and sister with their own dreams of pursuing a college degree this year.  All because one afternoon some active Christians entered her barrio and engaged her life.  They showed up every week for over ten years and her life was changed a week at a time. This what happens when Christians take initiative and intervene in a timely manner through the Gospel plus a systematic program of spiritual and personal development.

You can serve as “God’s pen” used to re-write the life story of a child in Asia.

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