Sidewalk Children Ministries is a place where life stories are rewritten by the Gospel, powerful mentoring relationships with young adult mentors and a systematic program of personal development leading to high school and college scholarships for hard-working students like these. Many of these students they are the first in their families to attend and finish high school. Then they break the ceiling of generational poverty forever by becoming the first family member ever to gain a college degree.  The first order of business once they land that new job is to begin saving to sponsor their siblings through college also. Give them time and together they will take their family out of this barrio and into an unthinkable new life.

God does this. It’s called redemption and lift. No entitlements. Transformation.  The rebirth of the soul, then the dawning of a new identity that says, “I am a child of God and my future is as borderless as the Lord’s power.”

The change comes from the Lord, but someone has to physically go into these barrios every week and work with the kids there.  Then someone has to dig deep and sacrifice to give these disadvantaged kids the priceless opportunity of a college degree.  Fortunately, the price tag for a year in college at a state university is only $1,500.

You can unlock a new life story for one Sidewalk scholar and their family. Just click here to sponsor a scholar.