In an age of inflated numbers its easy to get lost in the decimal places and overlook the power of ordinary numbers.

Let’s talk about the number 1,000. It’s not a small number, but it’s not so large as to be unattainable if you set your mind to it. One thousand books read. Walking 1,000 miles in a year. Celebrating 1,000 dates as a couple. Pausing to watch 1,000 sunsets. One thousand days at the gym without missing. One thousand copies of a life-changing booklet placed one by one into receptive hands as you meet people along your life’s path. One thousand days spent volunteering in service. One thousand pairs of shoes donated. One thousand children educated.

It’s a bold goal and a worthy one.

We believe that the non-profit shouldn’t be at the center of its own attention. The individual should. We want to be a “right-side up” non-profit, pooling the collective resources of our entire network to help you achieve a lifetime goal of changing 1,000 lives whether as a donor, a mobilizer, a short-term or a career worker in a challenging field. Join the Emerge Network today and find a community of others with goals like your own. We at Emerge want to help you reach your first thousand.

So how about accepting 1,000 as a lifetime goal for measuring your impact on the world? One thousand individuals impacted by your actions. One thousand people who would say that their story was changed because of your interest and investment in them. It’s big, but for most of us, it’s doable with sacrifice and focused dedication of effort and resources.