Kaw Zin (far left). TanTan (middle) is 8 years old

One of the young men in our children’s home greatly needs your prayers. His name is Kyaw Zin (Jaw Zin). He is 14 years old but is unable to grow. His body is the size of an average 8 or 9 years old that is severely underweight.

This last month he was taken to get tests done. At first, the doctors said he had a tumor in his stomach, it was affecting his growth and that they would surgically remove it.

This past week, he went into the hospital for surgery. They found that the tumor was much more severe than what they had originally thought. It had developed into cancer. The cancer is so delicate that they are unable to go in and remove it because if they touch it, the cancer will spread throughout his body.

Praying for Kyaw Zin before his first doctor’s appointment

The doctors have basically said it is better to do nothing and just let him enjoy the life he has left, a life without pain. Kyaw Zin will be taken for a second opinion this week.

He is one of the sweetest, most respectful young man. He has such tenderness in the way he lives his life and interacts with others.

Please, join us in daily prayer for Kyaw Zin this week. We want to pray for a miracle, that God will completely wipe this cancer out of his body and that this will be part of his testimony. We also want to pray that during this time he will not become discouraged, but will find so much strength and joy in the Lord.

Kaw Zin at the hospital