Medialight Presents

For the past five years Medialight staff and students have been creating short videos geared specifically for those who may have never even heard the name of Jesus before. These videos have been intentionally designed to make them easy to dub into other languages. Ministries like CVGlobal are using our videos today in many languages and souls are coming to Christ as a result. (Here’s Hide and seek in Bahasa, the language of the largest Muslim nation on earth).

We would love to share these resources with you without charge. “Hide and Seek,” our most popular video has been translated into a dozen languages already and has been widely used in evangelism as a conversation starter.

Visit our Vimeo or YouTube channels to check out the available videos. More are in development all the time and we are open to receiving requests and concepts for future projects as well. Click here to talk to us about our resources.

Here are some samples of our student work.