Twenty-seven-year-old Ronalyn has never witnessed the beautiful sunrise over Tañon Strait from her seaside village in Guihulngan. Like thousands of blind or otherwise disabled and disadvantaged Filipinos, Ronalyn’s life has been anything but easy. Growing up in an impoverished situation where everyone was expected and needed to contribute to their family’s economy, she often struggled with feelings of worthlessness and depression.

A few years ago, Ronalyn stumbled across the Edge Christian radio broadcast while scanning through the stations on her family’s radio. Even the poorest of the poor have access to radio in the Philippines. 81% of all households have radios while only 44% have television. Drawn in by the positive, upbeat music, it wasn’t long before the message of the music and the encouragement offered by the disc jockeys began to take effect. Years of darkness and despair were illuminated by the love, hope and acceptance found in God’s word.

“Somehow through the music, God showed me meaning and purpose for my life. The radio gives me encouragement to stand in spite of my disability.” – Ronalyn

Throughout the regions surrounding Guihulngan there are hundreds of thousands waiting to have their own similar discovery of hope, meaning and purpose in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Edge Guilhulngan is currently upgrading their transmitter so they can reach thousands more beyond their current reach. When the proposed upgrades are complete, 92.9 FM will carry the Gospel to nearly 1 million Filipinos within their broadcast footprint. The total cost of this upgrade is estimated at only $8,000. Emerge Missionaries Mike & Kim Medlin lead the efforts of UCB Media Philippines.

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